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Irons / War Debris

A place on the outskirts of Berlin filled with what the Trümmerfrauen couldn't use in 1945. Just below the surface there is only rust and glass. Searching can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. But the treasure hunters know that I'm only looking for objects for installations. Especially irons.

Totem / Rocks

For my totem series I use found materials like driftwood, floatsam, rocks and Berlin war debris.

Bone / Shell

I am a Bone Collector. I find them on beaches, in river beds and in the woods. Shells are the Bones of the Sea. For me bone and shell stand for transience and change but also for hard work and endurance.

Zen Tableaus

Some years or so ago I started to mount several objects on wooden tableaus. For me they feel very Zen.

Assemblages / Boxes

I have a thing for boxes. I fill the compartments with objects and photos I find at fleamarkets and junk dealers. In my neighbouhood there is a weekly, kinda rough, fleamarket where they sell things after they clean out flats because someone died. A whole life in cardbord boxes. It touches me.


An installation: A box is hanging from the ceiling, formed like the Bible describes New Jerusalem. Attached under it are the wooden outlines of Berlin and rusty keys. When you step on a trigger New Jerusalem rattles for 2 seconds and rust is falling on a print below.
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